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Phone Calls and Sales!

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Your Report Gives You This Valuable Information...

Find Out What Your Customers Are
Saying About You Online

Search Top Business Directories To
Find Errors & Optimization Issues

Discover How Visible Your Business Is Online To Potential Customers

Here's What YOU Do...

  1. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the box.
  2. Click on the big orange button: "Get This Deal"
  3. On the following page, make your payment.
  4. On the next page, enter your business name and phone number as Google recognizes it, if possible.
    (If you enter a business name Google recognizes, the
    phone number will auto populate.)

  5. Click the orange button: "Show Me My Score"

Here's What WE Do...

Our proprietary software will create a comprehensive
report and show you how you can fix and correct any
reputation or business issues online.

  1. Visibility Grade -- followed by a list of the top online directories and your listing (if any) in them. Errors and inconsistencies will be highlighted.
  2. Reputation Grade -- followed by a list of your ratings at each of the top directories.
  3. A list of negative reviews found.
  4. A list of reviews found that were posted in the last 6 months (these are the most important ones).
  5. A Sentiment Analysis -- A collection of words customers or patients use to describe their experience with you.
  6. Video Visibility Grade -- Indicates whether videos are found in the search engines when searching for your company, on your website, and on YouTube.
  7. Full Summary and Grades

Each section includes a video explaining what the section means and what to do with the information.

Click on the About Reputation tab, above, for information about the importance of your online reputation and how it gets your phone ringing -- or not.

Special Price

$9.01 Savings Ends 7/31

Your reputation is hanging out on the internet for all the world to see -- good or bad.

Amazon and Ebay trained an entire generation to look for, expect, and trust online reviews about products.

Your prospective patients and customers now expect the same about companies they're considering doing business with.

Consider these three statistics:

97% of Consumers Between the Age of 18 and 34 Judge a Local Business by Reading Online Reviews.

92% of ALL Consumers Check Online Reviews For Local Businesses!

Given a Choice Between a Business With Excellent 5 Star Reviews, One That Offered the Cheapest Service, or One That Came Up First in the Search Engines, 55% of Consumers Said They'd Call the One With 5 Star Reviews FIRST.


Do you advertise via local mailers? TV? Radio?

Do you get most of your new customers by referral?

Do customers find you on the internet?

Guess what 87% of consumers do after hearing about your business...

They search online to find information about your company, including reviews.

Consumers look for more reviews and better ratings. Better ratings result in more calls.

For example, according to Yelp, an improvement of just 1/2 star has proven to increase a restaurant's nightly reservations by 19%.



  • Reviews show up in social media. They also get shared.
  • Reviews show up in online directories.
  • Reviews show up on Google Maps.
  • Reviews affect search engine rankings.
  • Reviews affect the "Quality Score" in Google Adwords.
  • If your competetor has more reviews and better reviews than you do, who do you think is going to get the calls?


CONCLUSION: You NEED positive reviews online.

FIRST STEP: Find out how your reputation looks right now. Order your valuable Reputation Report now.

Special Price

$9.01 Savings Ends 7/31

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